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0,25l Broth - strong broth with meat, vegetables and noodles (1,3,7) 65 Kč 2,60 €
0,25l Daily special soup   (1,2,3,4,6,7,9,10,14) 69 Kč 2,76 €
  Appetizers for beer    
100g Grilled goat cheese (1,3,7,8,10) 195 Kč 7,80 €
  A slice of grilled goat cheese, served on salad leaves    
  with honey-balsamic dressing, nuts and herb baguette    
100g Beef tartare (1,3,10) 195 Kč 7,80 €
  Finely ground beef tenderloin,    
  served with toast (4pcs) and garlic    
  (Seasoned with sea salt, pepper, mustard,    
  ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, onion)    
  (Note! The food is not cooked)    
100g Deep-fried Old Prague gudgeons    (1,3,4,7) 139 Kč 5,56 €
  Tiny gudgeons fried until golden brown and served with garlic dip    
  Czech cuisine    
300g Stuffed potato dumplings    (1,3,7) 199 Kč 7,96 €
  Potato dumplings stuffed with smoked meat (100g),    
  braised white cabbage, golden brown crispy fried onion     
200g Beef goulash feldkuráta Otto Katz (1,3,7) 239 Kč 9,56 €
  Traditional beef back stew, garnished with red onion,    
  served with bread dumplings    
200g Beef goulash in a bread loaf (1,3,7) 269 Kč 10.76 €
  Teraditional beef back stew, garnished with red onion,    
  served in a loaf of bred    
200g Peasant style roasted pork neck (1,3,7) 229 Kč 9,16 €
  Juicy pork neck roasted on garlic, onion and caraway, braised     
  white cabbage, potato dumplings topped with golden brown onion    
200g Home Made Beef Sirloin in Cream Sauce   (1,3,7,9,10) 259 Kč 10,36 €
  Sunday sirloin made of beef, with Cream sauce    
  (root vegetables with onion, a mix of spices and fresh cream),     
  bread dumpling, cranberries    
500g Old Bohemian duck (1,3,7) 249 Kč 9,96 €
  1/4 slow-roasted duck, served with red honey cabbage,    
  variations of bread and potato dumplings    
200g  Fried chicken strips (1,3,7,10) 385 Kč 15,40 €
  Chicken nuggets wrapped in egg and cornflakes,    
  served with french fries and our delicacy sauce    
150g Fried cheese (1,3,7,10) 247 Kč 9,88 €
  Breaded eidam cheese in three-pack,    
  served with french fries and our tartar sauce    
200g Fried pork steak in breadcrumbs (1,3,7,10) 298 Kč 11,92 €
  served with mashed potatoes and pickles    
  Specialties and grilled dishes    
700g Smoked pork ribs BBQ (1,3,7) 319 Kč 12,76 €
  Roast pork ribs in BBQ sauce, served with fresh bread    
  with marinated sauerkraut, peppers and onions    
500g Honey chicken wings BBQ (1,3,7) 195 Kč 7,80 €
  roasted chicken wings in honey BBQ sauce,    
  served with garlic dip and herb baguette    
1500g Grilled pork knee on black beer (1,3,7,10)   389 Kč 15,56 €
  served with fresh horseradish, mustard,    
  hot pepper and with marinated sauerkraut, peppers and onions     
350g Roast lamb knuckle (1,7) 295 Kč 11,80 €
  Fragrant lamb roast with garlic and rosemary,    
  served on spinach with cream, mashed potatoes    
250g Grilled beef steak (sirloin) 235 Kč 9,40 €
  Grilled beef steak from ripe bull, served     
  with bean pods with bacon and onion, fried American potatoes    
200g Pork medallions (1.7) 259 Kč 10,36 €
  Grilled pork tenderloin medallions, served with mushroom sauce    
  with cream, fried American potatoes    
200g Grilled chicken steak 235 Kč 9,40 €
  Grilled juicy chicken breast on the grill, served with warm vegetables    
  Ratatouille (tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, peppers, onions, garlic)    
200g Grilled salmon fillet (4.7) 235 Kč 9,40 €
  Grilled salmon in citrus marinade with sea salt,    
  served on spinach with cream and mashed potatoes    
150g Baloun Burger (1,3,7,10)   235 Kč 9,40 €
  Grilled ground beef burger,    
  served in baked hamburger bun, with a salad leaf,    
  slice of tomato, egg, bacon chips, gourmet mayonnaise,    
  and with fried American potatoes and our tartar sauce    
150g Duck Burger (1,3,7,10) 235 Kč 9,40 €
  Slowly roasted duck torn into tiny hairs    
  served in baked hamburger bun with red honey cabbage    
  and fried American potatoes and our tartar sauce    
150g Chicken Strips Burger (1,3,7,10) 235 Kč 9,40 €
  Chicken nuggets in cornflakes, served in baked    
  burger bun with salad, tomato slice, gourmet mayonnaise,    
  and fried American potatoes and our tartar sauce    
  Appetizers for beer    
150g Wenceslas sausage on the grill (1,3,10) 199 Kč 7,96 €
  served with mustard, horseradish, hot pepper and fresh bread    
200g Homemade Potato Chips (3.7) 199 Kč 7,96 €
  fried potato chips, served with garlic dip    
150g 2pcs Toasts with spicy meat mix (1,3,7) 199 Kč 7,96 €
    of minced beef and pork, baked with cheese    
  Pasta and Gnocchi    
300g Gnocchi with chicken (7) 199 Kč 7,96 €
  chicken breast, spinach, cream, parmesan (grana padano)    
300g Gnocchi with salmon (4.7) 199 Kč 7,96 €
  fresh salmon, cream, parmesan (grana padano)    
300g Spaghetti aglio olio e Peperoncino (1,3,7) 199 Kč 7,96 €
  fresh hot peppers, garlic, virgin olive oil, parmesan (grana padano)    
350g Vegetable salad with chicken strips (1,3,7,10) 199 Kč 7,96 €
  mixed salad of fresh vegetables, chicken nuggets coated    
  in cornflakes, dressing 1000 islands    
350g Caesar salad with chicken (1,3,4,7,10) 199 Kč 7,96 €
  mix of salad leaves, (100g) filleted chicken breast, bacon chips,    
  anchovy dressing, parmesan (grana padano), croutons    
350g Caesar salad with salmon (1,3,4,7,10) 199 Kč 7,96 €
  mix of salad leaves, (100g) grilled pieces of salmon,    
  anchovy dressing, parmesan (grana padano), croutons    
250g Shop salad (7) 99 Kč 3,96 €
  Larger pieces of tomato, cucumber, pepper, red onion, balkan cheese    
1pc Apple strudel with nuts (1,3,7,8) 95 Kč 3,80 €
  Apple strudel served with ice cream and whipped cream    
1pc Ice cream sundae (1,3,7,8) 95 Kč 3,80 €
  vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream,    
  whipped cream, chocolate icing, tubes    
1pc Chocolate cake (3,7,8) 95 Kč 3,80 €
  chocolate cake filled with cream, chocolate mousse,    
  garnished with chocolate shavings and raspberry dip    
  Side dishes    
200g Boiled potato 50 Kč 2,00 €
200g American potatoes 60 Kč 2,40 €
200g Mashed potatoes (7) 60 Kč 2,40 €
200g French fries 60 Kč 2,40 €
200g Steamed rice 60 Kč 2,40 €
200g Bread dumplings (1,3,7) 60 Kč 2,40 €
200g Potato dumplings (1,3) 60 Kč 2,40 €
4 pc Toasts with garlic (1,3) 75 Kč 3,00 €
50g Baguette with garlic butter   (1,3,7) 75 Kč 3,00 €
  The prices of food and drinks in Euro are for orientation purposes only.  
  Food allergen labeling    
  Food allergen labelling list, subject to EU Regulation 1169/11 art. 21,   
  and notice (vyhláška) 113/2005 Sb., § 8 paragraph 10    
1 Grains containing gluten (wheat, rye, barley, oat, spelt)    
2 Crustaceans and products containing them    
3 Eggs and products containing them    
4 Fish and products containing them    
5 Peanuts (groundnut, arachis hypogaea) and products containing them    
6 Soybeans (soy) and products containing them    
7 Milk and products containing it    
8 Legumes and products containing them (all types of nuts)    
9 Celery and products containing it    
10 Mustard and products containing it    
11 Sesame seeds and products containing it    
12 Sulfur dioxide and sulphites (eg dried apricots)    
13 Lupinus (lupine) and products containing them    
14 Molluscs and products containing them