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English - Restaurant Prague

Old-time Czech restaurant is located in the lower part of Wenceslas Square, house number 20, in a historical cellar dating back to the 14th century.

More than 90 seating places provides more than enough space for meetings of any kind;be it big banquets or a dinner with a close friend or significant other in a closed-off booth. A diverse menu offers traditional czech meals, interesting meat specialties or just a delicious appetizer to be washed away by mouthwatering Pilsen beer worth of kings. Of course, as Baloun himself would blast through any food he found,  he would definitely not show any disdain for a delicious pasta or a healthy fresh salad. The one thing you could never hide from him was a divine dessert. And our chefs are waiting to prepare these delicacies just for you.
For our regular customers, we offer pleasantly priced lunch menu with five new delicacies a week to give your fastidious tongues something new every single day :)
Do you work or live on (or close to) Wenceslas Square? Call us up and we will deliver the meal right to your doorstep - with a 10% discount! 
And you can take all the meals away with you, sealed in plastic bowls suitable for microwave heating. 
We also accept all credit cards and food stamps. 
Enjoy your meal!

Reservation or questin: +420 224 228 388, restaurant@ubalouna.cz

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